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The basic purpose of Novice Insights in Electronics, Communications and Information Technology magazine is to stimulate students/young researchers to write about the work they are doing in science. The magazine is a scientific journal designed to highlight student research. Our magazine invites student authors to submit their ideas and research work for review and publishing.


The journal has the aim to promote new ideas and results of the research effort of the educational and research staff. In this frame it can be seen as a mirror of research activity not only of professors or PhD graduate students, but also of different members of the scientific community worldwide. Technical papers with applied purposes are also encouraged for publication.




  Program "Zilele carierei - OCOC"

7 -11 aprilie 2014

  Vizite ale studentilor la firme

  WORKSHOP - Simulare de interviu pentru angajare

  Program de Internship la nivelul administrației publice centrale - Guvernul Romaniei - termen limita 31.05.2014

  Competitia internationala Electrolux Design Lab 2014

  Consiliere psihologică individuala pentru studenti

  Ateliere PSI in cadrul OCOC

  Ediția a X-a a Concursului Internaţional Studențesc Digilent, Regiunea Europa